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What happens to your body when you drink coffee

29 August 2016  |  Admin

At Howdah, we love everything about coffee so we thought it would be fun to look at what happens to your body when you drink coffee.

Coffee actually has many health benefits when enjoyed in moderation. Here are five of the benefits of drinking coffee that perked us up a little…

Coffee makes you live longer

A report published in the journal Circulation some years ago suggested that coffee could make you live longer. How was that proved? Well, they monitored non-smoking adults over a 20-year period and found that those who drank between three and five cups of coffee a day, were up to 15 per cent less likely to die prematurely compared to those who didn’t.

Coffee reduces anxiety

Despite the popular belief that caffeine can cause anxiety, studies have shown that it actually releases dopamine. This chemical in the brain is most definitely a good thing as it can have a calming effect on the psyche.

Coffee makes you more alert

We all know this one and the good news is that it’s absolutely true. Caffeine’s stimulating effects will start to work within 20 minutes and many people swear by a coffee before a workout at the gym.

Coffee is good for your heart

Several studies have found that coffee has a positive effect on the heart. Many of these studies have shown that those who drink coffee regularly could be as much as 10 per cent less likely to suffer from heart disease.

Coffee is good for your brain

Yet more studies (there seems to be a lot about coffee) suggest that coffee is good for your brain. Why? Well, several studies have shown coffee drinkers to be less likely to die of neurological illnesses such as Parkinson’s by as much as 37 per cent!

So there you have it; plenty reasons to drink more coffee!

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