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Which biscuits are best for dunking? We settle the debate!

17 August 2016  |  Admin

It’s the debate that’s raged in offices and kitchens for decades but we finally have the answer to the question, which biscuits are best for dunking?

We’ve all been there; you’ve poured yourself a perfect brew in the perfect time-honoured fashion and you’ve decided to treat yourself to a little biscuit too.

You go for the biscuit dunk but you haven’t taken into account the temperature of the tea or the length of time to dunk and disaster strikes. The biscuit crumbles too early and you’re left with a biscuit-tea soup that ruins your whole day (well maybe not quite). But it is annoying.

So, we have the scientifically-backed answer to the question, which biscuit is best for dunking?
The winner is Rich Tea biscuits.

Okay, so they might not be the most exciting biscuits out there, but when it comes to dunking in your tea, they’re simply unmatched.

According to the research, a Rich Tea biscuit will survive a mammoth 14 dunks before it falls apart.

Second on the list – but way behind the winner – was the Chocolate Digestive which managed a respectable eight dunks.

Third was its less chocolatey cousin, the Digestive. It’s a humble biscuit, but it also goes incredibly well with the perfect cup of tea. It managed just two dunks but surely that’s enough anyway.

The Hobnob – with its oatey goodness – was fourth and managed a respectable two dunks also, but perhaps with a cooler tea.

Bringing up the rear was the Ginger Nut – a favourite in many households – which just about managed two dunks.

So there you have it, the biscuit dunking debate is settled once and for all.

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