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Five ridiculously good coffees you have to try NOW

2 August 2016  |  Admin

There are so many good coffees out there that it could make your head spin but we REALLY know our teas and coffees so here are five ridiculously good coffees you have to try NOW.

Brazilian Santos

If you don’t like Brazilian coffee, it could be said you just don’t like coffee and that’s why we’ve added the Brazilian Santos as one of our five ridiculously good coffees you have to try now.

You could say that this is a bit of a starter coffee in some ways because it’s mild enough to be enjoyed by just about every palate. Don’t for a second think that it’s lacking in flavour though. The Brazilian Santos might be mild but it’s got plenty depth.

Try it today and discover why Brazilian coffee is some of the most popular on the planet.

Indian Mysore

When we think of the greatest coffee growing regions of the planet we rarely think of India but the Indian Mysore coffee is one of the most delicious coffees you could ever hope to have in your cup.

Mysore is grown in Karnataka (formerly known as Mysore) and the region accounts for around 80 per cent of all of India’s coffee production.

So what’s the Mysore coffee like? Mysore is a medium to full bodied option with a medium acidity so it’s probably a coffee that could be a little on the strong side for those with a sensitive palate.

The Mysore is most definitely a classic tasting drink with a little smokiness and just enough of a kick of spice.

Mature Java

If you like your morning coffee to slap you in the face with every mouthful then the Mature Java is that soldier, so to speak.

This firecracker of a coffee is the Howdah Tea & Coffee Company’s biggest seller by a mile and it’s easy to see why. It’s the coffee that keeps on giving, such is its strength and depth.

Mature Java is grown in the volcanic soils of Indonesia… quite fitting for a coffee that’s so explosively good. It’s rich and pungent with lots of delicious smokiness but it’s probably not for the faint hearted either. If you’re not a fan of big flavours in a strong coffee, then just leave this one alone.

If you are a fan though, try it today.

Hawaii Kona

If you’re looking for a new coffee to try and you want to treat yourself, then look no further than the stunning Hawaii Kona, truly one of the world’s greatest coffees.

Kona Coffee is only grown on the island paradise of Hawaii on the Golden Kona Coast.

So what’s the coffee like? If we said magical, would you think we were being over the top? If you only had one coffee to drink for the rest of your life, you could choose Hawaii Kona and be quite happy. It’s that good.

Kona is a medium body coffee with a bright acidity. Where it really excels is in its incredibly balanced tones and wonderful aromatic finish.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

This beautiful part of the world produces one of the world’s most beautiful coffees. Jamaica Blue is full bodied but with subtle hints of herbs and spices and a light and floral flavour. It’s one of those coffees that’s versatile enough to be enjoyed pretty much any time of day.

It definitely deserves its place in our list of five ridiculously good coffees you have to try now.

The Howdah Tea & Coffee Company is a UK-based tea and coffee specialist delivering the world’s best teas and coffees straight to your door. Visit the website today here.

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